Finding A Bathroom Fitter – Part Two

Many householders now turn to the internet to find a bathroom fitter. It’s never been easier to search for a local bathroom specialist for your bathroom project. If you do this and invite fitters round to prepare an estimate, make sure you also ask for and follow up on references. Ask to see original testimonials from customers – although it has to be said these can be fake, produced by families and friends.

Fake reviews on the internet are also a growing problem. Google, other search engines and agents for tradesmen now have the facility for customers to leave reviews on their sites. These need to be treated with some caution as there are a growing number of instances of competitors leaving negative reviews, and friends leaving positive reviews to falsify the search engine listings. It is alarming how little moderation of reviews there is on some major websites. It seems anybody can leave good or bad comments about a company regardless of whether that company has ever worked for them.

Another decision you will need to make concerns working with a large or small company. There is in theory some security in working with a large company – but as the recent (June 2011) closure of Dolphin Bathrooms has shown – size is no security. And a large company may have all sorts of communication problems between surveyor, showroom and fitter.

A smaller company, or an independent fitter like me will not have those communication problems, but if somebody was unwell it could cause delays. The other advantage of an independent bathroom fitter is total freedom  to choose the bath, basin, toilet, etc. you want. You won’t be restricted to a single company’s product range, and in fact, I am pleased to give independent advice on choosing items for your new bathroom.

Using an independent fitter also means that you get to meet the person who is going to do the work at the earliest possible stage. You need to be able to “get on” with them. They will be working in your house for possibly two weeks or more. Can they be trusted? Do they have CRB/DBS clearance which means they haven’t got a criminal record? Be careful who you leave in your house alone.

So how do you find a bathroom fitter? Do your homework. Find out as much about  you proposed contractor as you possibly can. Get references, go and see one of their jobs, talk to customers, search around on the internet, and so on. But don’t just jump in because a bathroom fitter offers the cheapest price.

A new bathroom is going to be an investment of several thousand pounds which should last for many years. It’s worth taking the time to find a bathroom fitter who will do a good job at a reasonable price and who you feel comfortable with in your home.

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