And thanks for visiting the Alpha Home Service website.

This site promotes the bathroom design and fitting, and plumbing services which have kept me busy since 2004.  I am a sixty-something year old engineer who escaped the rat-race some years ago to offer South Nottingham a reliable, bathroom design and fitting and plumbing service.

I originally trained as a student engineer with the Ministry of Defence, completing a student apprenticeship which combined the practical apects of engineering with a Mechanical Engineering degree. My career included many design and development projects especially within North Sea oil and gas exploration which is where I learned so much about pipes and pipework. It was industrial plumbing at a high-tech level.

Since 1981 I have fitted my own bathrooms and kitchens to a high standard, so about twelve years ago I decided to change careers, but build on all my engineering knowledge and practical experience, to provide a bathroom design and fitting andplumbing service in my local area. Quality and reliability are more important to me and my customers, than price. This doesn’t mean that my services are expensive; they are always good value, but my estimate is usually not the cheapest on bathroom projects. It costs just a little more to get things right!

I’ve lived in South Nottinghamshire “on and off” for most of my life, and now live in Ruddington which is ideal for serving West Bridgford and all the surrounding villages.

If you need a bathroom design and fitting service, orgeneral domestic plumbing service in South Nottingham, please get in touch.

Mike Houghton


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